Adoption Policies

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Adoption Policies (Updated 1/1/2018)

1.  Standard $85 Adoption Fee.  This fee covers vaccinations, deworming, FeLV/FIV testing and microchipping.  The State of Pennsylvania requires that shelters or rescues have animals spayed or neutered by 8 weeks of  age, or collect a spay/neuter deposit at time of adoption. After consulting with our veterinarian we feel that 8 weeks old is too early to safely spay or neuter a kitten and have opted to collect a spay/neuter deposit of $40 at time of adoption.  This deposit will be refunded to the adopter with proof  of spay or neuter before 6 months of  age or at an appropriate age as determined by  the adopters vet.  If proof  is not provided within 6 months of adoption, the deposit is forfeited to Fosterlings.

a.  All kittens over the age of 8 weeks will be tested for FeLV/FIV.  

b.  All kittens will start vaccination series at 8 weeks of age and receive two FVRCP boosters and a one year rabies vaccination before adoption .  

c. Kittens over the age of 4 months WILL be scheduled for spay/neuter.  This will result in an additional $85 fee to defer the cost of the spay/neuter service (total adoption fee: $170). If a family requests that we “hold” a kitten for them until after spay/neuter, the $85 fee for spay/neuter will be collected before the appointment is set.  Fosterlings uses the spay/neuter services of Affordable Spay and Neuter in Pottstown and the spay/neuter fee is based on their prices.  

d. If  the adoptive family requests special procedures to be undertaken by Fosterlings, the financial responsibility for the procedure will be borne by the adoptive family (flea treatment, dental treatment, spay/neuter, etc.)  Fosterlings will not declaw unless it is a medical necessity for the animal as directed by a vet.

2. No cages.  Ever.  All kittens will be socialized with the Crew following initial quarantine.

3. Potential families must visit a minimum of three times, at least an hour per visit.  ALL family members must visit so we can make sure that ALL family members are “on board” with the adoption.  Fosterling kittens are socialized to be part of a family. We need to see you interacting with the kittens and the Crew.  You must be willing to commit to the kitten because the kitten will most certainly commit to you.  If we do not see that connection between you and the kitten, the adoption will be denied.

4. You will be requested to tell about all other animals in your care.  If you have a large number of animals we may request a home visit and proof of current vaccination records and spay/neuter.  This is for your protection as well as the kitten.  While there are some people who are perfectly capable of caring for a large number of animals, others simply cannot.  We reserve the right to deny any adoption if we feel that any existing animals are not receiving proper care.

5. In the case of Special Needs kittens:

a. We will request the name and address of your family vet.  Your family vet will be contacted to “vouch” for your ability to provide proper care for a special needs animal.

b. We will not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES allow a novice (first time) cat or pet owner to adopt any special needs cat or kitten.  

6. You must be willing to sign an agreement to Spay/Neuter and continue proper vaccination for your kitten. Refusal to sign will result adoption being denied.

7. All kittens must be transported in an appropriate cat carrier.  No cardboard boxes.  No bags.   No Harnesses.   No Exceptions.

8. Address, phone number and email addresses will be kept on file by Fosterlings, Inc. for all adoptions.  All information will be strictly confidential.  This will enable Fosterlings to contact you to check on the progress of the kitten from time to time, or reach you if we are contacted due to microchip scanning.  All kittens will be microchipped before going home.  

9. No TRADES.  We get it.  Kittens are cute, but they grow into cats.  Do not ask us to re-home your cat because you want a kitten. We will not do it.

10. If, for any reason, you find yourself  unable to continue to care for your feline, please contact us at once.